Apply False Eyelashes Tips

Apply false eyelashes can make your eyes look different. But for many women apply false eyelashes is not easy, especially for beginners. Before trying to artificial eyelashes, see following tips:

1. Adjust the size. The eyes width of each person is different. First, measure the length of false eyelashes according to your eye. You can close up false eyelashes on the eyelid to find the right size of eyelashes.

2. Eye makeup. Dress up your eyes with eye shadow and eyeliner before attaching false eyelashes. Makeup needs to be done first because the eye shadow or eyeliner powder can make false eyelash glue not stick well.

women apply false eyelashes3. Eyelash adhesive. Remove the special adhesive false eyelashes on the back hand or plastic packs. Use a toothpick to pick up the adhesive, and move it to the base of false eyelashes. Do not too much because it will cause a false eyelash strands become lumpy.

4. Paste it well. After that, paste false eyelashes on the eyelid. Do it carefully for false eyelashes stick well. You can use lash tweezers or tool to help pressed false eyelash on the eye.

5. Finishing touch. After sticking false eyelashes position perfectly, you can wear mascara to make lashes look flicks and natural. Use black liquid eyeliner for the original and false eyelashes look perfectly blends.

Applying false eyelashes is not easy. You need lots of practice to become experts installing eyelashes.

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