Different Ways To Wear Scarf

Scarf is definitely a flexible item of fashion. It has multifunction. Scarves can be used not only beautify your neck, but also can be used for variety of styles.

Curious? This is the trick to wear scarf in various ways.

As a Headband
Take a long scarf, tie a knot on your forehead, then take again to the bottom of the head, then tuck.

This method is suitable when your hair is not looking fresh. Imagine your hair when it have just woken up. Messy, dry, hard regulated, whereas you do not have time to make arrangements in the morning. With just tied it on the head, you've no need to worry about your hair look

As a tiescarf
Place the scarf around your neck, and create a knot. Make sure the node is located below the chest. Your appearance will look unique and masculine as a scarf used as a tie in men's suits.

In plain T-shirts
Plain tank top you will look boring without a touch of other color. Use a Scarf and a wide belt to make it different.

Place the scarf around your neck, using wide belt to hold scarf keep in the middle.

Retro Style
Use a square scarf to make your looks different than usual. Fold the triangle scarf, place it on the neck, then make a knot at the back. Let stay loose on your neck.
Mini Capelet
Use a large square scarf, fold diagonally so that it becomes a triangle, Place scarf around the neck, then make a knot in the middle. Make sure the width of scarf does not exceed the shoulder.

Make your waist look sweet
Bored with the view that it is only on your belt? Try adding an accent on the scarf. Use a long scarf at your waist, then hold with a small belt or a rope. Use scarves and belts with contrasting colors and motifs.

Make your Looks more tempting
It may seem simple, but how it can improve your looks. You also look more tempting.

Use a long scarf with colors matching the color of thin clothing are used, then wrap loosely in the neck.
Scarf as headband
tie scarf
plain t shirt and sacrf
retro scarf
mini capelet scarf
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