Coloring Can Damage Your Hair

The hair color trends are always new. However, many women are still hesitant coloring her hair, they are worried about chemicals in of hair dyes can damage their of hair and head skin. As a result, they bury desire to apply a variety of colors, styles, or highlights touches of hair, even though color trends so tempting.

If you choose the right hair dyes and hair coloring techniques can reduce the risk of hair damage due to coloring. The right treatment for colored hair is also very important to keep hair healthy.

The hair coloring is mostly using chemicals. Therefore, required weekly and daily therapy. Therapy at the salon can reduce the risk of damage to hair color. For home treatment, use the special shampoo and hair moisturizer for colored hair.
jessica alba colored hair
Colored hair Therapy similar with the hair spa. Especially for Colored hair, such therapy should be done once a week at the salon with professional assistance. Colored hair care should focus on maintaining the hair color, softness, elasticity and keep away from damage.

Colored hair care should focus on strengthening the hair root and hair shaft. Because usually colored hair if not cared properly, look damaged at the end of the hair.

Wrong coloring technique
Colored hair damage can also be prevented with the selection of coloring technique. Usually, excessive bleaching process causes damage to Colored hair. For some cases, the bleaching process is actually not necessary. However, common mistake is keep doing the bleaching process although not necessary. For example on the hair previously colored.

Selection of bleaching products is also important. At this time is many bleaching products contain moisturizers that do not make hair rough. Bleaching is usually applied to the hair for coloring more pervasive and embedded solid. However, excessive bleaching will damage hair. Solution is, for permanent hair color without bleaching is by toning.

Another rule is often violated is the time coloring. Hair damage occurs because breaking the rules in hair coloring time. Give a gap of 1.5 months for hair coloring after bonding. Do not immediately coloring in order the hair is not broken, dry and damaged.

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