The Beauty Myth | Myth About Skin Care

Just facials that cleanse the pores completely.
Even though facials are very relaxing for you, cleansing facial pores through is completely a myth. Treatment is actually really not needed. Let us remember the pain during the process of cleaning the pores. Everyone thinks this is a magic, because it can lift the blackheads and pimples. In fact, it happen just a form of manual exfoliation. Exfoliation forced is actually very exaggerated, full of risk, and may be dangerous. Giving so much pressure on the pores will make oil and benign bacteria sped away to the bottom of the skin tissue. The resulting rips can cause burns to the skin effect and very likely leave a scar or cyst, especially for darker skin types.

To get a brighter skin, wear mask at home should be part of your beauty ritual.
Wearing mask is a refreshing activity, much less can be done while relaxing. But, it is probably very little happens. Busy take care of four children for example or an intensive work schedule. In fact, it less likely to be realized. Can a facial mask made moist and lock the moisture in it? Yes, but only until the mask is cleaned. In fact, the mask will work just like a lip balm on your face: cover sheet surfaces that provide a sense of tight and comfortable. Unfortunately, it only temporary.

Frequently washing your face will makes skin oilier.
Your skin has a natural defense mechanism and admirable. It could employ inflammatory cells to repair and makes our skin comfortable back. When injured by sunburn or excessive when rubbed. However, increasing oil production to replace lost due to frequent cleaning? No research has ever proved this. Our skin will become dehydrated, even irritation if too often cleaned, not to produce excessive oily face.

Moisturize your face with water so that skin do not dry, when traveling by plane.
It is true that the environment with lower humidity levels tend to suck the water. Often the levels are 20 percent lower, than in the house. But, if we spray regularly face in a long flight, the water will evaporate along with a moisturizer that exist on our skin before spraying, and makes the face drier than before. If you often use facial spray, make sure that the water containing glycerin or aloe vera. Both these ingredients stick to the skin and lock moisture that we expose.

Organic or natural materials, more safe for the skin.
Organic facial care products have the same effect using synthetic materials. That is, the product has the potential to irritate the skin. Most people do not realize that the natural ingredients, too, is a chemical compound. For example, the medical term vitamin C is ascorbic acid. Therefore, if we look at vitamin C on a label, know that technically it is also a chemical substance. And botanical essential oils like tea tree oil, menthol, especially citrus (natural citric acid), also can trigger an allergic reaction or irritation. This acidic element, levels would be stronger in the original form. That's why it's important to test any products, including natural, in the arm in, before we use them in the face.

Dry skin, cracked, and scaly, not because of food.
Various studies show that eating high fat foods can increase your skin's sebum production. This is what makes our skin oilier. Carbohydrates with high glycemic index (such as pizza and pastries) will increase blood sugar levels in a later release of insulin and androgens, hormones that give signals to the oil glands to break away. Other studies have found that eating dairy products cause acne derivative (perhaps because it triggers testosterone activate the oil glands). So, if we are over the age of 35 years and still have dry skin, cracked and scaly, you should avoid milk derivative products as well as highly processed foods with high sugar content and carbohydrate. On the other hand, the chocolate did not prove to be the cause of acne.

Wearing foundation and sunscreen will protect skin from UV rays.
It is true; applying make-up containing SPF is better than none at all. However, it would be more effective if you wear sunscreen for the face. We can not fool around when dealing with sunshine. Better to apply the SPF make-up, above sunscreen or moisturizer that you wear everyday. For example, using the foundation contains minerals, such as titanium dioxide is good. But, it's better if we re-apply sunscreen some time later, while improving our makeup.

If you wear sunscreen, we're not going to get vitamin D.
vitamin D makes bones stronger, because it increases absorption of calcium. This vitamin is also helpful to the immune system. So, our skin should be exposed to the sun for five to 15 minutes every day. The use of sunscreen will not prevent us to get vitamin D. Diseases caused by deficiency of vitamin D is too reported excessive. People who have to worry about vitamin D deficiency are those who have lived in the house continuously, as illness or have problems with absorption of vitamin D. If not, you really should be more worried about the effects of UV radiation, compared to vitamin D deficiency

Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure.
Sunscreen should be worn before exposed to sunlight, this is true. However, the myth is the figure of 30 minutes itself. Sunblock, especially those based titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, generally work very quickly. The best way to apply sunscreen is when we were naked. Apply in the form of points throughout the body, and then flatten before wearing clothes or bathing suit. Whatever you wear, the clothes will shift and move. So, although closed protect every inch of our skin, as clothes just bear 2-5 SPF.

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