Stress: Main Cause of Hair Loss

Hair loss in women mostly caused by stress. Causes of stress in women caused by pressure at work, money problems, and depression.

Viviscal, hair loss supplement products, doing research about hair loss in women. As a result, 48 percent of women reported experiencing hair loss problems. And for the cause, 53 percent of respondents answered the stress as the main cause of hair loss problem. The rest answered, hair loss caused by aging, pregnancy and childbirth, the influence of diet, as well as a result of hair dressing.

Stress can be experienced by everybody and are associated with traumatic situations every day. When a man or woman experiences stress or unconscious stress can affect the hair. Sensitivities and no passionate feeling, can make the body's immune system weakened. This condition causes the hair brittle and eventually fall out.

Stress, also makes the body release chemicals. This chemical sends messages to the hair follicles, which makes the hair into the resting phase. Chemicals that came out from stress affects the normal hair growth cycle. If the stress continues, the thickness of the hair is going to thinner. Hair begin loss, even the amount of hair in front area began to decrease.

Hair loss is a serious threat for women, because the hair show female identity. The same research reveals, 43 percent of women would rather spend money on hair treatments. Women in the UK spend 600 pounds per year (about USD 8.3 million) for hair treatment. This amount is less than the expenditure for a healthy lifestyle, healthy food, and fitness club memberships. British women allocate 408 pounds (about USD 5.6 million) to support their healthy lifestyle.

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