Basic silk scarf match rules.

Basic silk scarf match rules.

First, plain colour dresses are with a plain scarf. You can match up with identical tones. Just like, a black skirt following a silk scarf in some neutral color will show a good integrity. On the other hand match may be boring if it's not going perfectly together. You might like to try the colour suit in many different tones. In addition, identical color tones though with different designs might be an alternative match choice.

Second, plain color dresses go together with a prints silk scarf. The main usually there is certainly at least just one same color of the clothes on your scarf.

Third, the colour and style matches really need big or small differentiation whenever both clothes or silk scarves get printings to them. If each printings from silk scarves and clothing is directional, stay away from the repletion from printings and stay away from a similar direction like the strips and also plaid of clothes. The garments that has simple strips and / or grids tend to be match towards printing silk scarves.

Fourth, clothes using printings come with plain silk scarves. You could have the some printing color to your outfits or even a contrast color in your highlight color in your clothes as a reference color on your silk scarf. The two methods work for all your silk scarf choice.

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