Who Is Lolita Lempicka?

Lolita Lempicka Picture, Josiane Maryse Pividal
Remember the Lolita character from Russian novelist, Vladimir Nabokov? This novel tells story about Humbert Humbert, a middle-aged man who obsessed with 12-year-old girl called Lolita. Humbert even marries Lolita's mother in order to approach this little girl. Conversely, Lolita enjoys her role as a teaser to her stepfather. The story of Lolita was filmed in 1962 and 1997.

Based on Lolita’s character Josiane Maryse Pividal, the French designer, get Lolita lempicka name. And Lempicka name was taken from Tamara de lempicka, an art deco painter. Lempicka have a flaming character, a figure that is always creating.

In his early career in 1985, Pividal known as fashion designer. Then he expands his business by launching his first perfume in 1997. Like the Lolita character, Lolita Lempicka perfume describes the sensuality of a girl who waiting to transformed into a woman. Lolita is an enchanting figure, innocent but rebels, clean but very charming, very tempting. Lolita become object of Humbert Humbert's hidden desires.

Lolita character appears in every element of packaging that was designed by Sophie de France. The bottle shape is an apple, a symbol of a world with full of temptations. Purple bottle that describe the attraction, with ivy leaves in white and gold, as well as feminine and sweet scent, describe flirt and seduction.

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