10 Fun Facts at New York Fashion Week (Part 2)

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Frenzy free drinks
While attending fashion week, you will definitely find people that dressed up as good as possible. However, when looking there are bottles of Starbucks Frappuccino served free in the fridge, they go crazy and fight each other. They do not just take one, but two, three, even four bottles at once and store it in the bag. Tacky, yes? Throughout the day officers refill the fridge with Frapps, Fiji waters, and Kefir Probotic Smoothie.

TRESemme hair care products also have a booth that provides goodie bag. Like beverages, many guests back and forth to the booth to take two or three goodie bags.

Grab a seat
Seats for invitees are usually attached by name and company. However, the seats are often occupied by other people who want to watch from the most strategic places. They sometimes pretend to not able to speak English or do not flinch at all from the seat.

Models must be willing to sacrifice his appearance
When watching shows like America's Next Top Models, you can see the candidate models could not stop crying when she had to be makeover. In fact, when it was undergoing this profession, they must be willing to compromise for the designer. For example, let the eyebrows bleached to perform at the Jason Wu fashion show.

Paparazzi raged
Unlike in Los Angeles, in New York City, people will not find a lot of paparazzi. Just when fashion week, paparazzi become vicious in this city. Often they take pictures of tall women blond aggressively even though they do not know who these women. Just, not want to lose from the others!

The environment was less elegant
Guests will certainly be impressed when entering the tent at Lincoln Center. However, the tents are actually not very impressive. You need to go through a long street that on either side there is a generator, to access the backstage area. In this area also provided portable toilets that often smelled dreadful.

Celebrities everywhere
New York fashion week certainly will not miss the celebrity. This is an opportunity for guests to mingle with faces that only they see in magazines and observing their behavior. Many also turned out to be busy with his Blackberry.

Dense schedule
Although invited to all sessions of fashion show, you can not possibly attend them all one by one. The event is also often delayed so that more and more difficult for an invitation to attend the others show on time.

Free gifts
A variety of interesting gifts distributed during fashion shows or parties lasted throughout fashion week. You may not only get a shampoo, lipstick, lotion in travel-size versions, but also jeans, hair products, makeup, gift cards, tote bags, etc..
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