Is Kate Middleton a Trendsetter?

kate middleton, Fashion trendseters
Popularity and influence in the fashion world Kate Middleton is was mentioned equal with Princess Diana, the style, charity, made her the most famous woman in the world. But the sharp tongue of fashion analysts in New York Fashion Week, said Kate Middleton is not a fashion trendsetters.

"She is stylish, but she is not setting trend, she just following trend," says Gregg Andrews, fashion director at Nordstrom stores network.

"If she does not become a member of the royal family, and saw him there on the streets in New York, you will not look at her twice. She is beautiful, but she blends into a crowd."

Fashion observers admit that the Duchess of Cambridge has a strong influence “Kate Effect”. "Is she iconic like Kate Moss? Obviously not. Is she public attention? Would people obsess with everything that she wore whatever it is? Yes," said Elle's fashion news director, Anne Slowey.

Kate's style can be an inspiration to many women. "It seems that she started to experiment, try several different looks, and different designers, but it's still full consideration in selecting it, and that's the key to success," said Colleen Sherin Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Director.

In New York Fashion Week, analysts not have seen any collections for spring / summer 2012 that inspired from Kate style.

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