Kitchen Smell That Drive Man Crazy

Many women try to use fragrance to attract men. The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation said that the most men, interestingly attracted to fragrances that smell like food.

woman spraying perfumeHere are some types of perfume that makes men attracted to you:

Many people believe that this fragrance is Natural aphrodisiac (stimulants). Man thinks the sweet of vanilla scent makes women seem sexier. Vanilla aroma is very fresh and light can be express a sensual mood. Try Shalimar by Guerlain.

Black Licorice.
The black licorice scent can spice up sensuality more than 30 percent. These fragrances can be mixed in a gel foam when your bubble bath, or use as a perfume. The smell of fresh and soft will make a man crazy. Try Demeter Fragrance Library's Licorice.

Pumpkin pie.
The smell of sweet pumpkin pie especially when combined with the smell of lavender can spice up male arousal by 40 percent.

About 20 percent of men attracted to the smell of citrus. Man thinks the smell of orange is fresh and seductive. Try: Boss Orange from Hugo Boss.

The scent of lilies is very sweet. The smell of this flower can arouse man up to 11 percent. A little mix of citrus and ginger can send a sex signal to a man. Try: Eternity Summer by Calvin Klein.
Source: Your Tango

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