Exactly what Is Shahtoosh?

Tibetan Chiru antelope
Shahtoosh is an illegal fiber that comes from the Tibetan Chiru antelope. Some producers of pashmina use this fiber and pass it off as authentic pashmina wool. The authentic pashmina originates from the Chyangra goat, or the Capra Hircus, which stays in the mountainous regions of Mongolia and the Mountain ranges.

In the procedure of making shahtoosh, Tibetan Chiru antelope has to be killed. In contrast, no harm comes to the goat made use of to produce pashmina wool. Due to the fact that the antelope is slaughtered, the populace of this species is gradually diminishing.

Cashmere Scarf

Some Kashmiris think about Shahtoosh a priceless commodity. One antelope produces about 150 grams of wool and from one kg of shahtoosh, only three shawls can be woven. There, weavers fashion the wool into shawls, headscarfs and shawls that are later smuggled in other parts of the world.

In some parts of India, before the shahtoosh became entirely illegal, grannies would pass on the shahtoosh to their grandmas as a conventional present. It's also part of the wedding ceremonial presents of lots of Punjabi new brides.

A genuine shahtoosh is thought about to be the real offer if it can be drawn with a wedding ring. In spite of the unglamorous approach of acquiring shahtoosh and regardless of it prohibited condition, shahtoosh is still being sold in the market albeit through underground ways. Excited clients are typically made from fashion cognoscenti, or ladies from the upper tiers of society. These shawls are priced from $3,000 to $15,000. One high-end fashion magazine even featured stars and fashion mavens Claudia Schiffer and Uma Thurman wearing what can only be shathoosh wraps. Under the picture checks out the caption, "Does she or doesn't she? Are these wraps shahtoosh or legal look-alikes?" Neither celebrity totally confronted the issue and nobody understands till today.

A really excellent option is the pashmina shawl, which is likewise as soft, as warm and as comfortable as the illegal shahtoosh. In truth, many individuals can not even compare the original Shahtoosh and the alternative pashmina, which are made without jeopardizing the animals.

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