Different Ways to Put on a Pixie Cut

It's not difficult for those with a pixie to attain an assortment of hairstyles. This strong cut was made popular from celebs of the mid-20th century. If you are thinking of acquiring a pixie hairstyle, or currently sporting activity one, find out the best ways to style it in various ways.

Standard Looks

Modification points up by cluttering your pixie, if you have straight hair, with a curling product. A deep side component is a feminine look for those which worry the pixie appears also boyish, worn naturally or a streamlined, moist appearance.

Criminal, Pompadour and Half-and-Half

The thug appearance exudes an enjoyable look where the leading locks are encouraged upward and onward into a practically messy faux-hawk with a coagulation, root system booster item. Conversely, the pompadour is softer, where locks are likewise encouraged upwards yet in reverse. Apply mousse and a root item prior to drying out hair in reverse to disable and off the face. The half-and-half style is streamlined in the front, with bang cleaned to either side, and the back one-half is tousled and disorganized.


A flowered barrette can be clipped to hold back a portion of the booms or put right by the ear. Merely be mindful of exceedingly big barrettes, which stand out on a pixie.

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