Prince William Kate Middleton Wedding Ring

What can be compared with Kate Middleton engagement ring, which is the legacy of Princess Diana? It may be, the wedding ring of Welsh gold.

Thursday (28/04/2011), a spokesman for the palace announced her wedding ring designed by Wartski. The ring is made from a piece of gold as gold is given to Prince William by Queen Elizabeth shortly after the couple's engagement.

Prince William Kate Middleton, Engagement and Wedding RingWartski is the owner's family antiques dealer specializing in works of Carl Faberge, Russian Works of Art, Fine Jewellery and Silver. Wartski who also run a jewelry business has long been the royal family subscription. The company, founded in North Wales in 1865 has also designed a wedding ring of Welsh gold for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles for their wedding in 2005.

Prince Harry will be trusted to bring Kate and William's wedding ring while the sacrament of marriage at Westminster Abbey. That's the only ring that will be owned by Prince William, because he refused to wear a wedding ring after marrying later.

Source: People

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