Facial Skin Dryness | Cure And Remedies

About 1 in 32 people in the U.S. (over 8 million people) suffer from dry skin.

Facial skin dryness, known as xeroderma, is a very common situation in the upper layer of your skin, the epidermis, tight, rough and turns itchy. Sometimes a rash can happen together with bumps and at times may turn into rosacea. The frequent signs and symptoms of Dry Skin are: Bleeding, Itching, Redness, Infections, Dry and flaking skin.

Cause of facial skin dryness

Facial skin dryness, dry skin treatment
Facial skin dryness is generally the effects of one's lifestyle. Facial skin dryness can be caused by over-exposure to Ultra violet rays, caffeine, negative diet, alcohol ingestion, and deficient intake of water. Common products like whitening toothpastes can dry your lips and mouth. Air conditioners and heaters also can worsen dry skin.

Facial skin dryness cures and remedies.

1. Eat healthy. Eating healthy vegetables and fruit may make not only facial skin healthy but the body too. Food containing more vitamin E promotes good skin just like tomatoes, green leafy vegetable, nuts, sunflower seeds, cereals, avocado, wheat, etc.. Vitamin E is definitely an antioxidant that causes your skin bright and healthy.
2.Appropriate Hydration. This is actually the best treatment for dry skin on face. As we know facial skin dryness is caused by dehydration. Improving water consumption will promote hydration and will avoid from dryness of face. Nevertheless, in case you hydrate your self with coffee and alcohol, it can worsen skin dryness of face. If you can , stay away from drinking caffeine and alcohol, in order to an ideal hydration in the body.
3. Sleep. Have good sleep this helps to get eliminate dry skin on face.
4. Exercise. Exercise can help promotes good blood circulation. The vitamins and minerals from your healthy diet can be distributed by blood by exercising.
5. Quit smoking!
6. Do not scrub face with hot water, because hot water promotes dry skin. Go with mild soap (hypo allergenic, mild soap with moisturizer in it is highly recommended)
7. Washing face frequently might get reduce facial dry skin. Pat(not rub) it dry with clean towel.
8. Protect facial skin from sun. Wear cover to shield your skin from the UV of sun. Wear sunglasses to guard skin in the surrounding of eye.

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