Brazilian Blowout For Smooth Hair

brazilian blowoutWant your hair look naturally straight without spend three to four hours for the process of smoothing or rebonding? Try Brazilian blowout treatment.

The Brazilian Blowout is considered the most innovative and effective professional smoothing treatment on the planet! By using a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex together with a secret polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout in fact improves the health of your hair by generating a protective protein layer surrounding the hair shaft to get rid of frizz and smooth your follicle. The result of Brazilian blowout treatment is smooth, healthier, frizz-free hair now with radiant shine!

It is natural to check Brazilian blowout treatment with other similar treatment like Japanese hair straightening, but in facts Japanese hair straightening truly changes the natural structure to the hair and there could be difference to look at within the hair that have been treated with the new hair. This means you will first have to be totally invested in Brazilian blowout product for lifelong to cover the differences from the hair that is treated with the new hair.

Here you will find steps your stylist takes within your Brazilian blowout procedure:
1. Wash hair with clarifying shampoo
2. Apply keratin, much in a similar as hair color.
3. Blow-dry hair within your usual style
4. Flat-iron in minimal sections to seal on the formula with extreme heat (450-degrees!)
5. Rinse and dry one more time.

Results of Brazilian blowout can last approximately 12 weeks, and after that the therapy diffuses and washes away, leaving no distinct demarcation as new hair grows in. Remember, though, that you need to also buy special acai aftercare products to ensure the Brazilian Blowout’s life span. The most important products used for the Brazilian blowout treatment are Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo, Acai Anti-Frizz Conditioner, and Acai Daily Smoothing Serum. Most of the products are completely safe and this treatment can be done starting at $125.

Before scheduling the Brazilian Blowout, be careful and ask if it is formaldehyde-free. Women who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding are informed not to receiving the treatment.

Once treated, your hair becomes more manageable and doesn't need restyling and redoing often. Exercise, swimming and exercising can never make your hair look bad. Having smooth and shiny locks will not only be a dream now. Anyone is now able to visit the nearest beauty salon and get the Brazilian blowout treatment done.

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