Tips On Buying Sunscreen

apply sunscreen, tips on buying sunscreenSunscreen or sunblock may already become one of the have to purchase in your groceries lists each month. But many products on the market may make you confused to decide what sunscreen to use the suitable for your skin. There are several things to consider when choosing the best sunscreen; here are some tips on buying sunscreen.

1. Check the ingredient
Make sure that you will buy sunscreen that contains zinc oxide, avobenzone or titanium dioxide that provides broad protection. The main substance in sunscreens is zinc (zinc oxide), because these minerals provide full protection to the skin.

2. Make sure the SPF level of protection
After checking the ingredients in sunscreen, the next task is to confirm its SPF level. Many dermatologist recommend to look for sunscreen that has 30 SPF or higher, because Sunscreen with SPF of 15 was not enough to protect the skin.

3. Avoid the type of spray
Although sunscreen products you use have anti-water formula, don't believe that the product can protect your skin during the day. Especially, when you use a spray type. People who use spray sunscreen products only get a "false sense of security" because they do not get the same protection as creams or gels sunscreen. In addition, the most important sunscreen should be applied on a regular basis.

You do need a strong SPF, but it is no less importance is put on sunscreen and repeated many times. Therefore, this cream will dissolve or erode by air, water, or dirt, after several hours.

4. Avoid sun exposure
Protection against UV rays is not only determined by sunscreen products you use every day. There are other factors that are most influential when you are outdoors. Avoid being outdoors while the sun was right in the middle of the head. Use hats, umbrellas, and clothing that could save you from direct exposure to sunlight can also be a major effort to protect the skin.

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