Victoria Beckham Design £8995 Handbags

victoria beckham bags collection, handbags collectionVictoria Beckham does not want to stop working even if just given birth to her fourth, a baby girl, a few weeks ago. Victoria Beckham is now preparing pure crocodile skin clutch. This crocodile skin handbag is designed specifically to Selfridges for Christmas this year, with the price of 8995 pounds.

According to Selfridges, white crocodile skin clutch comes with a gold chain that produced only one in the world. This pure crocodile skin clutch will be the exclusive and most expensive gifts from these fancy stores.

Personally, Victoria was like expensive accessories. Her Hermes handbag collection of more than 100, when totalized its value reaches £1.5 million. However, bags collection with his own name, Victoria offered with prices start at £1,195.

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