Tips for Wearing High Heels

woman walking on high heels
Walking on high heels can make a woman more confident. Because, he felt taller, slimmer, and more powerful. However, first you must be able to walk on the high heels comfortably.

There are many methods to familiarize yourself walking on high heels. Camilla Morton, author of How to Walk in High Heels and A Year in High Heels, suggest that you practice walking on high heels at the supermarket.

"Take the trolley, and walk around at the supermarket. While took the items you need, use the cart to balance the body, it is useful to familiarize yourself with high heels," Camilla said.

Or try a tip from Manolo Blahnik, the best way to train is to walk on tiptoes when in the pool or on the beach. Its movement similar to walking on high heels.

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