Tips For Making Perfume Last Longer

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Smelling the scent of perfume can affect your emotions, improve your mood, feel more confident and even feel sexier.

But what you feel if your perfume doesn’t last long. You spray it in the morning and soon after hours, it’s totally gone!

Here are few tips for making fragrance last longer

Choose the potion designed to last.

Pure perfume oils and perfumes created with a high volume of perfume oils will last longer than perfumes diluted with alcohol, water or other ingredients. Eau de parfum use the highest concentration of parfum oil; eau de toilette and eau de cologne use the lowest.

Body temperature, weather, and dry skin have an effect on how quickly your perfume releases off your skin layer.

People with oilier skin keep fragrance longer than people with dry-skin. The oil binds the perfume on the skin and causes a more controlled release of scent after a while. On dry-skinned people, the fragrance has a tendency to bounce quickly.

Buy and apply bath products with the same scent as your perfume.

Whatever cologne or perfume you have, purchase the bath or shower gel, aftershave or body lotion with the same scent. Many perfume lines include shower gel and body lotions. Layering the scent in different forms will help it last.

Spritz your perfume on the pulse points.

These are locations where the veins are close to surface of the skin so you feel your circulation, like your wrists, neck, between your breasts and perhaps behind knees. Don’t rub wrists together immediately after spray perfume since it breaks down the oils.

Also try and spraying a light mist of your fragrance in your hair, as hair can hold fragrances longer than skin.

Reapply Perfume In the Day

If you got dry skin or headed out to a special night, you should bring a small travel size perfume as you might have to reapply. In general, fragrances can last 4 to 8 hours, determined by quality and amount of perfume oils.


Louise Cook said...

I really like to know how to make perfume last longer. I think that I would be able to use this help tips. I think that I should try this tips on my newly created perfume.

Admin said...

hanks Louise..and good luck with your new perfume ^.^