Choose Neckline Type Based On Body Type

Believe it or not, the cut of the neckline can make your look more perfect. Choose a proper neckline type based on certain body type can help you find the right dress.

Scoop neck dress
Scoopneck or U-shaped neckline can make the neck look more round or square, so they can make the body more and more solid. This neckline is suitable for pear body type. Scoopneck can help to balance if your upper body is smaller than the bottom. Scoopneck or U-shaped neckline can also camouflage broad shoulders as well as highlight curves better.

Cowlneck dressCowlneck
Cowlneck is a kind of opening line of the neck, with decorations of flowers, lace, or more folds of fabric (drapes). As u-neck, this neck style is a good way to increase the volume in the chest, because the folds of fabric or lace in this section draw attention. Neck style is suitable for a straight body shape. Lace accents or drapes can help to balance the rigid facial lines and give more attention to facial bones.

Crewneck dress
Crewneck a ring-shaped neckline tightly around the neck. If you want to cover up or make the neck look a bit short, so this style is perfect for you. While more parts of the body covered, crewneck can give the impression of larger breasts. When choosing clothing with this neckline type, choose clothing that fits in the fall of the clavicle (the intersection of the shoulder and arm bones). Additionally, select dresses that highlight the curves.

V-neck dress
The neckline is the most preferred because it can make the neck look more level and higher. V-neck has an open neckline and makes the focus of attention toward the bottom. V-shaped neck can also lead to two different impressions, depending on your choice. If you choose a wide V-neck, you can highlight a smaller waist. While choosing an open V-neck that could make him focus on your lovely neck.


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