Are You Worry About Having Hair Loss?

Hair Loss, Early Hair Loss
Everybody scared of hair loss and do not want have a bald head. Many people worry that if the hair no longer grows will become bald. Actually, the hair is naturally experienced three phases. Hair loss is some of the natural phases. However, the most feared is not having the growth of new hair.
hair growth cycle
Hair growth cycle

Hair growth cycle

The normal hair cycle have three phases, the growth phase (anagen), resting phase (cantagen), and loss phase (telogen). So hair loss is a natural phase that have to occur to everyone. You don't need to worry, the hair cycle in normal circumstances would return again and again through a phase of growth (anagen), and repeatedly so. The average hair grows around 1-1.5 cm per month.

But the loss of more than 100 strands per day should be aware. Especially if in the area of hair loss is no longer having growth of new hair.

Need of treatment
Hair Loss Treatment

One of the reasons why the new hair does not grow is the hardening of collagen at the base of the hair, under the scalp. Hardening of collagen at the base of the hair makes it difficult absorption of nutrients, leading to unification between the base of the hair and scalp become weak, and the capillary fiber becomes thinner.

If not cared, the hair will loss more quickly, which will lead to thinning and early signs of bald. If the hair is no longer having a growth phase (anagen), it is no longer grow hair and bald happens.

Treatment and prevention

In addition of intense treatment with the right hair care products, you can also do hair loss prevention.

One cause of hair loss problems is stress. When stressed, you can handle it by doing relaxation such as yoga, meditation, therapy, and others. And, as much as possible to avoid excessive stress.

Strict diet also makes hair loss. Ensure enough intake of protein daily needs. Because the protein is a nutrient that is critical to make you hair healthy.

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